An adult wearing orthodontics is something very uncommon. We at Clear Braces In Fresno CA usually think about orthodontics in the smiles of middle school students who are on their way to math class. Yet sometimes, patients can’t get orthodontic care as children and need to wait until adulthood. Adults wearing traditional orthodontics feel uncomfortable to smile, making it difficult to go to work or go on a date. Luckily there is another option for these patients to use Clear Braces In Fresno CA.

Sometimes children aren’t able to get orthodontics at the first signs of trouble because their parents can’t afford them, or maybe the patient is afraid of being embarrassed. In either case, getting orthodontics as an adult doesn’t have to be an embarrassment. With Invisalign clear aligners, you can enjoy all of your favorite events without worrying about the look of your smile.

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Invisalign’s clear aligners fit closely to your teeth so that no one around you can see that you’re having orthodontic work done. We create an entire series of aligners for you to switch out every two weeks. The entire process will take anywhere from 12-18 months. Once your process is complete, you will have the smile of your dreams, and the only thing people will notice is how wonderful your smile looks.

If orthodontics is something you’ve been curious about, you can begin the process by setting up a consultation here at the office. We would love to see you soon, so contact us today! We can’t wait for you to have the smile of your dreams!

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