The staff at Tribeca Smiles is proud to serve patients throughout New York, NY with the best cosmetic dentistry. While you may be familiar with the term “cosmetic dentistry,” you may not be familiar with the entire range of services that it covers.

Cosmetic dentistry in Dentist In Fresno CA helps you love your smile. Every smile is beautiful, and cosmetic services help bring out the best parts of it, while helping you fix the parts that you don’t like. While most people think of cosmetic dentistry as crowns, those are not the only option. In summary, cosmetic dentistry has the power to complete reshape even the most misshapen of smiles.

Teeth Whitening

You’ve seen toothpaste commercials: everyone wants to know the secret to pearl white teeth. Results on over-the-counter treatments are debateable, but your dentist can provide you with proven methods to remove stains. They can either give you a treatment to take home or perform an in-office teeth whitening session.


According to the Academy of General Dentistry, Veneers are “thin pieces of porcelain or plastic placed over the front teeth to change the color or shape of your teeth.” These pieces help hide and protect misshapen, broken, or crooked teeth. Veneers are a mid-value between bonding and crowns, and, when you take care of them, last for a very long time.


Bonding is material that helps fill gaps in chipped teeth or teeth with mild decay. It is the same color as teeth, and can help close spaces between teeth, yielding an overall more complete smile. The material at Dentist In Fresno CA, though not as strong as veneers, is designed to last for years.

Dental Implants

Artificial teeth are the pinnacle of success for cosmetic dentistry. These real-looking pieces at Dentist In Fresno CA, complete with roots, can completely replace rotten teeth. A cosmetic dentist can remove the rotten tooth, prep the gums, and insert a dental implant for a nearly permanent improvement in your smile.

Contouring and Reshaping

If you have healthy, but imperfectly shaped, teeth, you could be a candidate for contouring and reshaping. The cosmetic dentist can essentially mold your teeth into an ideal line and correct your bite.

Are you ready to create a perfect smile for yourself and your family? Contact Tribeca Smiles in New York to schedule an appointment today.

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