It is that time of year once again! It seems as though every building in the area is decorated for the holidays, and every store is preparing for last minute shoppers to complete the perfect list for their families. Does you child have a list? We at Fresno Dentist are sure you want to get the very best for your little one, but sometimes the very best doesn’t come in a wrapped package. We at Fresno Dentist encourage you to make sure that you are also giving your child the very best preparation for a lifetime of oral health! Take a look below for some things you can do to encourage your child to better care for his smile.

Model Great Oral Hygiene – Your child is looking to you for everything. Show the importance of oral hygiene by practicing it in front of your child. Do you have a toddler who is struggling to brush well? Invite your little one into the bathroom while you brush, and show how it is done! Make oral hygiene a family experience so that your children can see how important it is.

Make it Fun – Your child will do things that are fun. If you can make oral hygiene a great experience, your child will be more likely to join! Let your little one pick a special toothbrush, toothpaste (pay close attention to age suggestions), and floss. You can even sing a song or do a funny dance to encourage your child to participate.

Patience is Key – There will be good days, and there will be bad days. Celebrate the successes with your child, but have patience when there are failures. Remember that tomorrow is a new day, and one mistake won’t ruin your child’s smile. Have patience and continue to make the process fun!

We at Fresno Dentist hope that you have found the perfect gift for your son or daughter. We also hope that you are giving your little one the gift of a healthy smile. Contact us today to learn more about things you can do to improve your child’s smile. We at Fresno Dentist would love to see you both right here in the office very soon!

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