With 80% of us having a filling by the time we graduate from high school, it’s not difficult to see that decay is an epidemic all over the country. While some dental offices are still offering amalgam fillings, we at Fresno Dentist are encouraging our patients to switch to tooth-colored fillings. Below, we have listed a few of our favorite reasons to choose composite fillings over amalgam.

Looks Great – The cosmetic difference between amalgam and composite fillings is outstanding. You’ll go from a dark spot on your tooth to a tooth-colored filling that blends perfectly with your natural tooth color!

Strong Restoration – A composite filling is just as strong as amalgam. The material is the same as what we use when we bond dental appliances in place. You can count on this filling to last for quite a while!

No Mercury – Health conscious patients are often concerned with the mercury in amalgam fillings. The concern is that the mercury could leak into your body, causing damage to your nervous system. Tooth-colored fillings are free of this harmful component!

Fillings are very important for the overall health of your smile. We at Fresno Dentist use fillings to restore your teeth and end the spread of decay. Make sure that the filling we put in your mouth is a filling that you are content with! Contact us at Fresno Dentist today to ask us about composite fillings. We at Fresno Dentist would love to show you how these fillings improve your smile’s outlook!

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