Invisalign, available at Invisalign in Fresno is a modernized method of straightening teeth, not just boosts the confidence and self-esteem, but also correct one’s smile. Invisalign in Fresno provides you a list of various other issues that can be solved by this treatment:

Overcrowded teeth: When there is lack of room within the jaw because of overcrowded teeth, the chance of gum disease also becomes more prevalent thus increasing the need for getting the teeth back in shape.

Widely spaced teeth: Due to small sized teeth, abnormal growth of the jaw bones, genetics, missing teeth or tongue protrusion, extra space occurs within the teeth. This if not solved can lead to periodontal diseases including gingivitis and periodontitis.

Cross bites: Teeth when misaligned cause upper and lower jaws to cross bites. This issue can cause wear of the teeth, gum disease and bone loss, which can easily be treated via invisalign.

Overbites: When upper teeth overlap the lower teeth, it can lead to gum problems, and pain in jaw & joint problems.

Under-bites: Vice versa to overbites, when lower teeth overlap the front teeth thus restricting the growth of upper jaw and leading to overgrowth of lower jaw.

Invisalign in Fresno

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