We all have had our share of encounters with dental procedures since our childhood and have undergone some common procedures, either during that period of life, or maybe at later stages.

One such procedure that almost every one of us is familiar with is dental crowns, which are also known as dental caps. Talking about dental crowns, one question that is sure to pop-up in the mind is – ‘what are these dental caps made of?’

Well, there is a range of options for materials that are used in making dental crowns. These are –

  • Ceramics, most commonly porcelain.
  • Alloys and metals.
  • Combination of metals and ceramics.

All the above mentioned materials have their own specific properties and depending upon the customer’s dental requirements the dentist may suggest using any of these. However, these days’ ceramics have completely replaced metallic crowns, because of the almost natural looking colour of ceramic materials.

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